Posted by: magicalrubidium | June 2, 2008

First post!

Okay. So. Yeah. MagicalRubidium! Put like, hw and stuff here. Announcements and bla. Not like we have an egroup or anything to put that in, I mean. Noooo such thing as, nu-uh. This isn’t overkill. :))

HW for 03 June 2008!

… index cards?

with pictures!

Um, prepare for a math quiz. Everyday. :))

Lab Tech (elective) meeting tomorrow at 10.50

Ponder on your class officer nominees.

Lab Gown.. on wednesday? Ata. Next meeting.

Print a master sched copy for Isay :>

Thank Isay for making such a great master sched.

Er, ask Cam for the password. She made this, btw >.>

Right. Have a magical day!



  1. NGEK I only saw the banner now. Sorry Cam. =)) It’s so pretty. I thought you just left it plain. 😐 Sorrryyyy.

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