Posted by: magicalrubidium | June 6, 2008


Tuesday [June 10, 2008]

(Sorreh, sorreh. Wala palang Bio on tuedays. :)))

STR: Quiz on the types of research. Film viewing after classes.

Math 4: Prepare for a quiz every meeting. XD And di ako masyado sure, but uh reply slip for the paper Sir Nat Gave, and yung 47 leaves of intermediate paper.

Chem 2: Bring lab gown and lab goggles.

Wednesday [June 11, 2008]

Bio 2: Bring the ff: shoebox, hand soap, dishwashing liquid, masking tape, marking pen, dress maker pins, newspaper, rags, tissue paper, alcohol (70%)

Quiz on the hierarchy of biological organization, emergent properties, and structure and function.

Physics 2: pp. 16 -18 #s 4 – 15, 21, 42, 43 (yung sa 5th edition)

SS 3: Bring stuff for the “quiz” tsaka yung stuff for groupwork. hahaha. Nawawala outline ko eh. xD

Anyway, yun lang naman ata.



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