Posted by: magicalrubidium | June 22, 2008


The first draft is finished!

Uhm, Andie, Mia, and anyone else interested, please review with comments and stuff. It’s not perfect, I know, and there are a few things I couldn’t figure out how to … smooth over. I’d elaborate, but it’s 2.52 am, and I’m kind of sleepy. :)) For most people, the scenes are final, so you can use Monday Morning as a chance to see how your lines will go. Those with scenes on Tuesday (monday scenes, haha), I mean you. Familiarize yourselves with them already, if you can. Avoid printing, though, as it’s still messy– format-wise– and not final. We’ll try to give a final-final script on Tuesday.

Also, classes suspended really messes up the sched, so Tuesday (kung may pasok nga, haha), let’s follow the Monday sched na rin (Ramayana-wise)

I uploaded the copy to the e-group. 😀

– sleepy Isay



  1. GO Isay! :))

    Um, is it okay if I edit a bit too? 😀

    (I’m sorry about the Internet crash thing. :|)

  2. You’re supposed to, actually. :)) But you weren’t online at all yesterday, so I had to do everything ~_~

  3. o_o

    may grammar error. peace. :))

    scene 14

    let’s loose –> lets loose

  4. PG/R13 na yung play natin. D: :))

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