Posted by: magicalrubidium | July 2, 2008


Um. Update to the HW thing:

Physics: #s 1-21 sa paper thing. Kung hindi kayo nakakuha (late na nabigay ni Raph), nagpost ako ng soft copy sa egroup (zip file)

ComSci: Long test tomorrow! Stuff about the internet, coding tables and blah. Basically, everything we’ve taken up

STR: Sentence outline about one of your research-brief topics. For the RRL thing.

English: The questions thing about Bhagadad Vita…

1. What happened?

2. What emotions?

3. What does Krishna say?

4. What values/religious concepts appear?

5. illustrate

hindi ko na kopya yung mga verses and stuff, so sana alala niyo nalang yung sainyo =))

Chem: Pre-lab. Again, wala yung handouts, so kasama siya sa physics handouts

Ramayana practice

4th Floor, dismissal to 4.30 – 5-ish

Cam, Josh, Raph, Mac, Andie, Christian

Props.. I want weapons by monday o:


sorry sa blackspaces at kung baliktad. wala akong editor e

egroup link




  1. er. baka may SS hw. dunno.

  2. di ba per group yung sa chem?

  3. pano gawin yung str sentence outline? 😐

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