Posted by: magicalrubidium | July 5, 2008

STR Notes

Dahil sabi ni Sir bawal daw ipaphotocopy yung ohp.

Review of Related Literature


  1. Ascertain the extent of work that has been done on the same area thus avoiding duplication
  2. Justify the need for new or further investigation
  3. Fill in existing gaps clarify inconsistencies, or substantiate existing facts
  4. Obtain insights as to how similar problematic situations were resolved in the past
  5. Obtain new ideas and approaches which has not occurred to you

Style and Format in writing a Review of Related Literature

  1. The relevance of each topic in relation to the problem should be clear although not directly or explicitly stated.
  2. A segment of the methodology used in the previous researches may be cited in detail in case where the present study involves the use of modified or an entirely different technique.
  3. The studies being review should be properly cited. The last name/s of the author (s) is/are given either at the beginning or end of the statement that needs to be cited. The name is followed by the year of publication in which the form appeared.
  4. If you must cite a reference that is not available to you, but has been cited in an article that you have read yourself, indicate that you have not read the original article yourself.
  5. Burkhill and Merill (1958, cited by Quisimbing 1975) reported…

  6. In citing an article with a corporate authorship (ie., issued by a committee, society or institution) cite the organization or the editors.

FNRI (1982) the nutritional states of Filipino children in the elementary grades.


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