Posted by: magicalrubidium | July 9, 2008

saturday practice

Rb! Ramayana is going well so far, so here’s our “plan” for the next few days.

Thursday (July 10) : Scenes 11 – 12

Friday (July 11) : None (Acquaintance Party)

Saturday (July 12) :

Morning (8-12) : Choreography! Not everyone has to go here. Mia and I, Isabel, choreographers, people involved. By that, I mean Kwan, Emil, Jasper, Josh, Benjo, etc. Please, tell me if you can go. I’ll appreciate anyone coming. 🙂

Afternoon (1-6) : Scenes 1-12, 15 practice transition and blah.

Venue: Andie’s house! Sa may Whiteplains. Ask her for the exact address.

Monday (July 14) : Scenes 13 – 14 (Fight scenes)

Tuesday (July 15) : FULL RUNTHROUGH! 😀

Now, I know this is a hard schedule to follow (specially for those going to the acque + the morning practice), but let’s try to achieve a full run-through by Tuesday, even if it’s not so nice, even if we don’t follow the schedule exactly. It’ll be perfect since we’ll be out 1.40. I highly doubt the fight scenes will be decent by then, but I’m hoping for a rough idea, at the very least.


Props people, in order of decreasing importance, here’s what we need:

Weapons–> Costume Designs–> Rocks, Trees, Chariot, important props (while the Costumes are being made)–> Costumes–> Other misc. items, like the thrones.

For the Saturday practice, I need MUSIC. For the fight scenes. No music, no choreography. Isabel is in charge, any suggestions go to her.

Practices, we HAVE TO be early. For the Audi practices, especially. If we’re late, then we lose our time. Here’s our sched:

Monday: English Time, 4.10 – 5.00

Tuesday: 2.30 – 3.20

Thursday: English Time

Friday: English Time

Until we start polishing, we won’t really have “set” ramayana practice scheds, so for now, we’re practicing on those (above) days + tuesdays + if I ask you to come days. Again, please, PLEASE be early. We’ll be practicing at the fourth floor, backlob (subject to change. If no one’s there, just wait, and we’ll come and tell you where) For Tuesdays, I ask you to come 2.00, which gives you a leeway of 20 mintues– so, please don’t come 2.30. =\

Lastly. Please get a copy of the script! Those who keep borrowing mine, I mean you. I only gave a few, granted, but you should be able to print your own by now. 14 pesos yan ~_~

– Isay



  1. pano to sa bahay ni andie magpapasundo ng 6? @_@

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