Posted by: magicalrubidium | July 17, 2008

hw reminders, ramayananessness

HW for Friday (might not be complete, please edit)

  • SS

    Neolithic group, presentation na tayo bukas. Magdala ng damit, kasi ayaw ni Ma’am nakauniform kayo. White shirt, shorts, and then something to wrap around your waist (kung meron. Kung wala, magdadala ako ng extra sarongs). Don’t forget your roles! Magcucue ako kapag palit na ng scene.

  • Physics
  1. #s 22 to 50 of the handout thing he gave us. If anyone has a soft copy, please post
  2. Giancoli hw. Nasa baba
  • Chem
  1. Nasa baba.
  • Bio
  1. Quiz
  • CS
  1. Discussion on CSS. Most likely magagalit si sir kapag hindi tayo nagaral, so yeah.
  • English
  1. GRADED Ramayana Practice tomorrow

HW for Next Week (not complete, please edit)

  • English
  1. Long Test on the three stories. Karma, something, and something. Monday.
  • Math
  1. Long Test on Thursday. Start studying during the weekend to pass! :))
  • Bio
  1. Long Test on Friday.
  • CS
  1. Practical Exam (partners) on Monday.
  • STR
  1. Sir will check your clearbooks next meeting, so have something prepared.
  • Fil
  1. Final draft due on the 23rd.


Rb, may practice uli on Saturday. 8.00am to 4.00pm, if you’re taking transpo, be at McDo Katipunan by 7.30. Sa bahay ko (Isay). I’ll post the address sa e-group.

Polishing tayo, so everyone has to come, For props people who don’t have a lot of roles, I expect you to work on stuff. The weapons should be finished this week, so you’ll work mostly on the trees/rocks. If Bianca asks you to bring anything, bring it! Scissors, glue, all that. I don’t have pencils or stuff at my house, so yeah. We might provide a few materials, but for most, try to bring recycled stuffs. Most of the money is going to the costumes. Speaking of which, please, main actors/actresses, HAVE YOURSELVES MEASURED. Wala pa tayong ni isang costume ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ Matagal magpatahi, and isa pa lang mananahani natin, so if you know someone cheap and reliable, please tell us.




  1. Di ba walang ComSci bukas?

  2. gano kaimportanteng pumunta sa saturday prectice?

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