Posted by: magicalrubidium | July 30, 2008

Ramayana Practice (July 31)

Rbabes and Rboys: Whoo! Malapit na matapos Perio. So yeah, that basically means back to Ramayana practice :)) I know kakatapos lang ng perio, and we all want to relax, pero next week na dressrehearsals, and we’re not doing very well. 😐 So, yeah. For tomorrow, our main goals will be :

(Yung naka bold lang kailangan niyo basahin :)))

  1. Props. Pinapagawa ko na yung stand as we speak, so hopefully matatapos yun by tomorrow. Papacut ko na rin yung mga brown pipe para matapos na yung spears, and makapractice na kayo. (Oh, and finish the trees/rocks.) I also have to discuss stuff concerning the fake fire, the chariot, the bows, and the bucklers.
  2. Polishing of Scenes 1 to 4. If you haven’t noticed by now, medyo boring yung start ng play natin. That’s partly because of the lack of music (Isabel, bring your laptop and speakers tomorrow), and partly because of the lack of enthusiasm. So yeah, we’ll be adding a lot of exaggeration. Seryoso na tayo. 🙂
  3. One-on-one battle scenes. You practice today, and I know I said you should be ready for a run-through, but I thought about it– I know it’s a lot harder with the new swords, so you can practice again tomorrow–when you’re not polishing xD

Props, you can work inside the GRHM, and then battle scenes/polishing, sa labas. From 12 until 4, eat lunch BEFORE that (ehem, Mac, ehem, Josh) 🙂 See you tomorrow, g’luck sa perio! Kung may mga plano na kayo / hindi kayo makakapunta, tell me BEFOREHAND.

– Isay



  1. sorry men ngayon ang weeks weeks weeks old plan na lumabas para sa trinoma @_@

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