Posted by: magicalrubidium | August 3, 2008


Monday. August 4, 2008.


Prelab by group. And er, di ako sure, pero baka yung experiment bukas na rin. So bring lab gown/lab goggles just in case. 😀

Tuesday. August 5, 2008.


Prepare for a quiz

Wednesday. August 6, 2008.


Prelab by group. And bring a pig’s heart, by group din. Don’t forget to bring your lab gown and lab goggles.


Homework on Egypt

Submission of SS optional work proposal


Till 12:00 noon only at the gym or a SHB Faculty Room cubicle 30. Write your answers on intermediate pad. Fold your paper into two (crosswise) and staple the three sides so no one can read your answers especially on the bonus items. You may also email your answers at

Edit niyo na lang kung may kulang.



  1. Does anyone happen to know when the Health Perio is due (time) if to be passed electronically? Or is it the same with the paper submissions?

  2. @ Benjo > I think it’s the same. Ma’am didn’t specify any other deadlines. 🙂

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