Posted by: magicalrubidium | August 7, 2008


The Crescent, 29 San Miguel Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig. Look for the red and orange building, a little bit short. Top floor. 😀

Edit: hindi man lang sinabi kung ano ‘to…


Tomorrow (Friday) will be our graded dress rehearsal and last audi practice until presentation day, so we have to, have to, HAVE TO, make the most out of it.


You should all know your roles by now– which props to bring, etc. Remember, you bring out the props you bring in (except for Jovick and the Chariot). If you can’t remember, consult me for the list BEFORE ENGLISH. We won’t have time for reminders during the audi period.


For the love of god Ramayana, maging enthusiastic kayo! Tomorrow will be GRADED. If you can’t do that tomorrow, pano pa kaya presentation day? D: Monkeys, know when to be happy, know when to be sad, and SHOW IT!  Demons, try to sound more like demons and less like a crowd at the Olympics. You [demons] always forget to be constantly noisy, and when we remind you, you all cheer at the same time, so yeah. Doesn’t sound natural. Also, everyone, STAGE PRESENCE! Don’t start chatting the moment your line is done. Remember, you’re STILL ON STAGE. Kita parin kayo. Same with movements. If the scene is serious, don’t start swaying around idly. If the scene is supposed to be energetic, don’t stand there like you’re waiting to be told to leave. This reminder is not only for the extras. Actors, I’ve seen you slip. Please, guys, we’ve been doing great so far, but this can really ruin the play.


For tomorrow, and maybe for the next day, we will most probably go with the flashlight signals. I’ll try to provide a list for the lights by tomorrow morning. Sound, you know what to do. Talk to you about volume later, minsan hindi na rinig yung actors. (Voice projection, everyone!)


Dress rehearsal tomorrow, so costumes are required. Sir said since we’re borrowing a lot from ABS-CBN, we don’t have to have all the costumes yet, but most of us haven’t even seen our costumes. Even I don’t know how much we’re still missing. We’re not sure if everything fits, too. Christian’s looks kind of iffy. Arriele, I know you said you needed more help, but if no one offers, then you’re still stuck with me. Still busy with props, but I’ll try. Andie, the monkey things? Oh, and guys, let’s dress quickly and not complain tomorrow. Again, no time. We’ll ask Ma’am Bawagan if she can let us off a little early, but no promises.


As you may already know, two of our swords were confiscated by Sir Talaue a few days ago. The problem has gone up to Atty. Perez, and we stand the risk of losing all 5 of our weapons. For tomorrow’s practice, we’ll have to stick to pipes, and if Sir Joey and Sir Arghs can’t convince Atty. Perez that our weapons are SAFE, then that means we’ll be using pipes during the actual presentation. Pray it isn’t so!

Saturday Practice

The venue is up there. Time is 8.00am to 5.00pm, for those taking transpo, be at Pisay by 7. 7, not 11.30. 🙂 There will be transpo back. For those who can only go in the afternoon, I’ll see what I can do, but no promises– so all the better if you just do your best to come early. We won’t have much practice time next week, so kailangan na kailangan ‘to.

Aside from polishing scenes (with ninjas), we still have to complete a lot of the props. The pillars haven’t been painted, I will try to finish the bows, chariot, and shrine by then, the extras’ weapons are far from finished, the treetops haven’t been started. All of this must be finished by Saturday. We also need this to practice the ninjas properly, and to inventory in case we missed anything. Guys, bring EVERYTHING na on Saturday. Make sure someone knows where everything is. We can’t risk losing anything anymore.

That’s all I can say for now. Missing costumes will be handled next week. Nobody forget the reminders above: they’re not just for tomorrow, they’re for all our performances, practice or actual thing.

Good luck everyone! WE CAN DO THIS! GO RB!




  1. Reading this sent my beats per minute up a notch. >.<

    *prays for our weapons*

    Okay. Go Rb, go Rb, go Rb, go Rb, GO RB! WOO. We can do this. We can, we can, we can. \:D/


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