Posted by: magicalrubidium | August 20, 2008

August 21


Joey Flores (20:11): Cs, Rb, and Na (CreW narin): Due to a personal emergency, I will not be at PSHS tomorrow morning. I will be there in the afternoon in time for the scholarship meeting. Cs and Na group work: Choose one of the verses from Book 3 and come up with an interpretation of it. (Each group must pick a different one) Write this on a 1 whole and pin onto my cubicle door. I will collect it in the PM. Rb: Please reassign your groups. I will leave it to you to what scheme you’ll use. Also, you need to choose one contestant for the Humanities wk elocution contest. This will involve a piece that I will give to you. You will memorize this and recite it in front of 3rd and 4th year. Please volunteer and tell me in the PM when I arrive. Read Analects Book III verses 3,4,7,11,19,20 for Friday.


Athlos continuation


Homework due


Pair work. Bring one hardcoah Bio book per pair.


Long test x_x


Practice bukas ’til 5:00 at the GRHM. Let’s try to master the song by tomorrow. And think of instruments we could use. We need to have them ready by next week. Lyrics will be posted in a while. IM me for the password. 🙂



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