Posted by: magicalrubidium | September 17, 2008


Eto rin yung additional homework sa SS, due on Monday:

Eto yung physics HW. Answers in notebook, pass photocopy (as always).

1. How can the energy of the water behind a dam be converted into

useful energy?

2. What happens to the energy when a moving car hits a brick wall

and comes to rest?

3. What has happened to the energy of a ball rolling across the

floor as it comes to a stop?

4. How does bouncing on a trampoline illustrate kinetic and

potential energy?

5. Why are most mountain roads designed so that they weave back

and forth with a gradual slope rather than going straight up the



There you go. By the way, other hws:

* English – speech

* SS – Quiz on chap 14 (questions on blue folder, answer on notebook/filler)

* Physics – yung nasa taas

* Chem – quiz about recent topic on solutions




study well, sleep early, don’t cram. good luck!



  1. parepost ng nakasulat sa scosci hw? putol kasi e. di ko mabasa.

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