Posted by: magicalrubidium | September 17, 2008

yung physics sw kanina (hindi ito yung hw!)

1. A pendulum swings back and forth. At the bottom of its arc
a. PE and KE are maximum.
c. PE is maximum and KE is minimum.
b. PE and KE are minimum.
d. PE is minimum and KE is maximum.
2. Which of the following is not an example of kinetic energy?
a. A flying bird.
c. A bird sitting on a telephone wire.
b. A boy riding on a bicycle.
d. A rotating lawn sprinkler.
A roller coaster is initially pulled up a hill from Point A, where it has no potential energy, to Point B. It
then rolls down the hill, around the loop to Points C and D, and comes to rest at Point E. (Points A, C,
and E are all at the same level.) Questions 3 through 5 refer to the motion of the car.
3. The greater part of the work done on the roller coaster as the car is pulled from Point A to Point B
goes into
a. speed of the car.
c. gravitational potential energy.
b. kinetic energy.
d. air resistance.
4. At which point does the roller coaster car have both kinetic and potential energy?
a. Point A
b. Point B
c. Point E
d. Point D
5. Since the roller coaster car starts out at rest at Point A and ends up at rest at Point E,
a. its energy is conserved from Point A to Point B.
b. the work done initially pulling up the car up the hill is eventually completely converted into heat
c. the potential energy of the car at Point A is greater than at Point E.
d. the kinetic energy of the roller coaster car remains constant from Point A to Point D.

courtesy of jenny



  1. can someone post the english LT story? 😀

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