Posted by: magicalrubidium | September 20, 2008

eng, funds, hws

Eng Long Test:

classfunds: magbayad na! tanungin si raph para malaman kung magkano

hw for the week (incomplete):

Monday – STR Gantt Chart, STR Trinoma Methodology, English LT, Fil story, SS HW

Tuesday – Fil original story, Chem LT

Wednesday – Bio video / poster

Thursday –

Friday – Bio LT

– Josh



  1. chem lt sa tuesday

  2. tae ka jasmine

  3. seryoso monday yung writeup at tuesday yung original?

  4. hindi ako sure, pero alam ko 22 tapos 23

  5. shet

  6. sa tuesday yung write-up tapos sa wednesday yung orihinal na maikling kwento

  7. tama si jasmine,…tuesday ung write up tapos wednesday ung original short story, tapos may practical exam sa chem..thursday ata.. tapow sa wednesday pala ung sa bio na poster or video..

  8. 150php ung sa lahat except kay jasmine (completo na for the year), mia at cam na 100php.

    i-edit nyo na ung nakalagay dyan. lol

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