Posted by: magicalrubidium | October 6, 2008

Things to remember

retreat reply slips (TOMORROW NA, please)

retreat payments together with palanca letters from parents (by the end of this week)

room assignments (submit to Gaby or me within this week)

palanca letters for friends (start asking and collecting na)

orders for fair shirts (for those who want, by this week rin)

Health baby book (due this Friday)

English board game (due on October 13)

Physics HW on Practice Problems (due either on the day of LT or first meeting after Perio o_O)(soft copy available here)(salamat sa BeTbLog!)

Kaya lang… marami pang uncertain dyan. We don’t even know if we’ll be having classes on Thursday. o_O Keep posted na lang.

Please check your emails for the letter from Ma’am Bawagan.

Lastly, tomorrow, we’ll be having the SS review class at the ASTB at 11 am.

God bless everyone studying for the Perios. 🙂



  1. Hey guys, the CISD just announced that there won’t be any regular classes on Thurs and Fri as well as the week after that. Instead, Thu and Fri will be devoted to completing (and probably being given) requirements for the second quarter. I am contacting your teachers to find out who wants to meet with you and I hope we can have a sked worked out by Wednesday. Study well!

  2. yey!

  3. magkano fair shirt?

  4. fair shirt costs P170

  5. what do they look like? o_o

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